Continuously discover time to play, test and investigate. It will change the way you think, work and live.

Inux Technology & Solutions founded in the Year 2013 , with Obsession of Developing & Designing Wonderlicious Websites, Applications & Software Products. We are a team of Creative & Innovative professionals with unique Ideas & deep knowledge in technologies needed for Development & Designing of  Website , Applications & Software Products.

Our Objective is developing web sites which are Simple to understand but are Innovative , Creative & Adaptive. We Know it is important to develop according to the requirements and standards of clients and we also keep in mind the audience which are going to use this. It is very important that the web site should have all the uniqueness but it should beUser Friendly and Simple. So , as to increase the business of the clients.

At Inux Technology, we are concerned with total customer satisfaction and try to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. We try to digitize our client’s dreams and make them a reality. With our Remote Project Management methodology, which makes the physical distance inconsequential, and the time zone difference actually an advantage.

Our Belief

The only constant is “Change”Creating an effective web presence is an evolutionary process. The power of the web can be harnessed better if we create a platform that not only compliments an organization’s objectives but also allows the organization to manage its web presence based on changing business needs.

Our Commitments

Our Company is based in Nashik, Maharashtra, India with clients across the Globe. Inux Technology , is aware that our work and our services would act as key factor for our foreign clients to look upon and create an image about our company and as were as our country to some extend. Being a proud indian company Inux Technology , assures all our foreign clients that our work and services would never disappoint you as we are very much concerned about our reputation and our country image.